Friday, 28 January 2011

January 2011 Update

January has been quite an interesting month. After Christmas, New Year and back-to-work were all out the way,  a few interesting enquires started to come in. I think the feeling of "back to work" probably prompted a couple of people to dream of doing something different!

One of the enquiries was a compilation of football related poems. One of my main motivations for starting the series was to publish books that may not otherwise exist and this is a good example. Poetry books are notoriously difficult to find a publisher for, whilst football books generally have to have mainstream appeal. Combining football and poetry is quite unique, so even more reason to exist in my eyes. I'm actually working on a non-football poetry book for an acquaintance at the moment, so maybe I'm carving myself a niche!

Another enquiry was regarding a book on Czech football, written by an Englishman living in Prague. A long way from publication but there's some good ideas there. No such book currently exists so the author is keen to fill the gap.

Finally, I've had a glimpse of what I'm hoping will be the next publication in the series - a book on Hinckley United. The author has made a promising start and we're looking at publishing sometime during the summer if everything goes to plan. I'll post some excerpts as further progress is made (if the author agrees!)

Feel free to get in touch if you require any further information about anything you've seen on the site.