How it Works

The whole ethos of the series is to bring into existence books which mainstream publishers would immediately dismiss as not commercially viable. Although the work will inevitably be a labour of love for the author, I have devised a financial model to ensure that neither the publisher nor author will be out of pocket. In short, the author contributes towards the publication cost of the book but takes the vast majority of any profit made from sales of the book. 

Is this self-publishing?

It is more of a partnership between publisher and author. Some models of self-publishing can cost £1000’s and pay the author a small royalty on sales. Unfortunately this preys on the authors’ belief that fame and fortune is just around the corner. Even the more reasonable services will require a large outlay by the author whilst the publisher pays back only a small percentage of sales.

Due to a few so-called "vanity publishers", self publishing has a stigma which you would never associate with other creative endeavours such as producing your own record or making an independent film. However, the ethos of all three is essentially the same. 

I endeavour to be completely transparent regarding any costs and your potential gains from the outset.  I will also be actively involved in the production of your book, as much or little as you want, simply because I enjoy it. Some of you may have a completed book ready to go, others may have a few chapters which could soon become a book after we've shared some ideas.

What happens if my book takes off?

In the world of niche football publications, fame and fortune may not be awaiting! However, a cult classic just might be. If you do manage to produce a masterpiece that becomes of interest to mainstream publishers, I will happily step back and allow you to pursue your fortune. In football parlance – “we wouldn’t deny the lad a move to a bigger club!” After all, you retain the copyright.

If you merely require a reprint (which you probably will), let me know and I arrange for some more copies.

What kind of books are suitable?

I would like to maintain quality throughout the series. The type of books that might be suitable include: club histories; player biographies; supporters memoirs; season journals (for example a famous promotion or survival campaign); league histories; article compilations; fanzine compendiums; re-issues of out-of-print books. However, this list is by no means exhaustive.