Monday, 12 September 2011

New Books Now Released!

Nick Castle's post publication pitch invasion
Despite a last minute hitch with the printers (a mix up of sitcom proportions - funny if we weren't the victims!), Show Some Respect and In Some Strange Way are now finished and available. It's been an exciting couple of months getting them ready for print - and then comes the agonising wait until the final product is in hand.

Nick Castle was first past the post with In Some Strange Way - his tale of supporting non-league Hinckley United. I couldn't help reading this as I was trying to format it all and Nick shares some great stories as well as reminding us that non-league football maintains many of those facets of football often regarded as "lost". Terraces, a pint, proximity to the players, obscure players and trialists, phoning the ground to see if the game is on. It all still exists, just not in the Premier League.In Some Strange Way is now available to buy from this site.

Chris Kirkham was motivated to write Show Some Respect from his experiences of coaching junior football. Chris shares some tales of his own as well as many he has researched. The book considers what is wrong and  how progress can be made, with constant reference to the FAs Respect campaign. More information can be found at